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Serial killer Edward Gein as he was taken to the state crime laboratory to face a lie detector test. Gein was convicted of the murder of one woman, Bernice Worden, although the reason he was only charged for a single crime was an issue of money. Gein was found guilty but legally insane and spent the remainder of his days in a psychiatric hospital.

Ted Bundy

Requiem For A Dream (2000)


What Police Found in Ed Gein’s Home

● 4 noses
● Human bones and bone fragments
● 9 masks made of human skin
● Bowls made from human skulls
● 10 female heads with the tops sawn off
● Human skin covering chair seats
● A female head in a paper bag
● Another head in a burlap sack
9 vulvas 
in a shoe box
● A belt made out of human nipples
● Skulls on the bedposts
● A pair of lips on a window shade drawstring
● A lampshade made from the skin of a human face

These artifacts were photographed at a crime laboratory and then destroyed.


In Germany, a woman died from a drug overdose. Her two German shepherds ate her head and neck.